Basement rooms are mostly dark. Basement rooms are mostly dark. For this reason, windows are installed which which provide access to daylight through light shafts, while at the same time protecting these shafts against the soil pressure. The SKYFLOOR BH ensures to transport the maximum amount of light even to basement floors. At the same time, the surface remains accessible: garden and traffic access are not restricted

Often, neither the amount of incoming light nor the appearance of the conventional light shaft are satisfactory due to… due to the very bulky steel grid. SKYFLOOR BH represents here the optimal solution of walkable floor glass and manhole cover. The existing grate is replaced by a walk-on glass cover framed in stainless steel, which directs as much incoming daylight as possible to the basement floor. In this way, incoming daylight can be directed to the basement floor without barriers with maximum light yield. By means of a ventilation track extending along the wall of the house, the shaft as well as the adjacent cellar space remain ventilated.
The Skyfkfloor BH ensures the drainage of accumulating rainwater by means of an integrated water gutter.

As well as maximized use of incoming daylight, you will also have a high quality, clean-lined feature, which retains the full use of terraces, garden and circulation areas.

  • Load-bearing or continually walked on
  • water outlet limited
  • Ventilated for air circulation
  • Various wall connections
  • Fast and easy to install
  • No sills
  • Custom shapes, colour and sizes
  • Can be integrated into existing and new buildings
  • Durable system
  • Low maintenance


Let us know the dimensions of your atrium glazing. Whether within the standard sizes or completely individually – the SKYFLOOR BH is variable in shape and size.


The size of the atrium glazing is based either on the outer edge of the existing grating or on the outer dimensions of the concrete shaft. Various standard shapes with shaft widths up to 1400 mm as well as shaft lengths up to a maximum of 2000 mm are available. These can be found under SIZES AND PRICES


Are the dimensions of your atrium outside the specified dimensions or are you faced with other specifications in your project? Our custom made special solutions for walk-on light well covers leave nothing to be desired with regard to shape, size load bearing capacity and connection possibilities.


Do you want an atrium glazing system that is optimally tailored to your requirements? Various options can be easily integrated into standard versions. Whether limited transparency, a wide range of materials or slip resistant coatings, we would be happy to create a customised solution ffor you to provide an optimum result.


Slip-resistant glass surface fine dot format for good slip resistance (R10) and optimum light transmission


Full-surface anti-slip glass surface for best slip resistance (R13). Prevents the view inside and the view outside.


Slip-resistant glass surface in strip format (3mm/50%) for best slip resistance (R10).


Glazing walkable according to DIN 18008-5 (D), SIA (CH) and ÖNORM B 3710 (AT) up to a maximum useful load of 5kN/sqm


Design of the entire stainless steel frame as a water-flow-limited system incl. connection lug for on-site sealing. Profile height min. 150mm.


Obscures the view both inwards and outwards


Circumferential ceramic strip to cover the support strip. Colour black or gem. Colour: black or individual RAL colour as specified by the customer

Perforated or linear grate

Ventilated by means of integrated perforated grating for air circulation in the shaft. Alternatively, it can be supplemented with a stainless steel linear grate.

EXAMPLES of Sizes Skyfloor BH

The size of the SKYFLOOR BH is variable and depends on various parameters of the planned or set shaft. Whether for new buildings or for installation in existing objects – the SKYFLOOR BH from Taghell is manufactured to the desired dimensions within the listed minimum to maximum sizes.

High quality custom made glass walk-in atria. The basic version of the lightwell covers can be selected according to shape and size. Depending on the requirements, the options described under “Add-on” can be added.


100 x 60cm
120 x 80cm
140 x 100cm
200 x 80cm
200 x 100cm
300 x 100cm


300CM X 120CM

Larger dimensions are possible by dividing the glass as desired


If the desired size or shape of your walk-on floor glazing is outside of the ranges indicated, contact us directly to configure your custom SKYFLOORS BH.


The installation of our Skyfloor is simple and time-saving. It can be carried out by your roofing specialist of choice or by installation specialists from our Taghell team. We are pleased to support external fitters for successful installation of the walkable skylights. You will find notes and recommendations in our installation instructions.
Please contact us for detailed assembly instructions.

Made in Germany – delivered and installed in Europe. Taghell plans, supplies and installs walkable skylights and floor glazing in a wide range of European countries.